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Terms and Conditions

Delivery terms and conditions for wholesale partners

All deliveries are made in compliance with the Terms of Delivery and Terms of Payment stated hereunder. No other terms may be arranged without the express written agreement of both contracting parties.

Orders must always be placed in writing (by post, fax or e-mail). They are processed in order of receipt and subject to stock availability. The Order must contain the Customer’s exact invoice and delivery address, the correct product code, and the quantity required. If assembly is required, this must be stated in the Order.

The prices in the price list are exclusive of VAT. Previous prices automatically cease to apply when a new price list is issued. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the stated prices apply to the type of Goods as illustrated in the catalogue. Prices are valid for a full calendar year. However, we reserve the right to adjust prices to reflect any substantial rise in input prices or any substantial change in the exchange rate.

Shipping Charges
Shipping charges are not included in the price of the Goods and are applied separately for all buyers. Such charges cover shipping from the Supplier’s warehouse in Klatovy to the specified delivery address.

The delivery, mounting and assembly of the furniture is not included in the price of the Goods. If you request such work in your order, we will notify you of the final amount when confirming your order. The Seller reserves the right to make additional charges if the conditions for assembling the equipment are non-standard (e.g. access routes, broken lifts, parking restrictions, unprepared spaces and suchlike).

Terms of Delivery
The standard delivery time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of the order unless agreed otherwise. In the case of unusual goods, special services and large items, the delivery time is specified on an individual basis after consultation with the Customer. Partial shipments may be made.

Terms of Payment
The prices in the price list are exclusive of VAT. After the Goods have been delivered, the Supplier is obliged to make out an invoice and send it to the Customer. The standard time limit for payment is 14 days. The payment date is the date on which the amount corresponding to the Contract of Sale is credited to the Seller’s account. The Goods shall remain the property of the Company until full payment has been made. The Seller reserves the right not to supply the Goods to the Buyer if the Buyer fails to pay his past-due obligations to the Seller.

In the event of strike, fire, transport disaster, natural disaster or any other unnamed event of force majeure, the Seller shall be exempt from its obligations for the entire duration thereof. If the Buyer withdraws from the signed Contract of Sale or cancels the binding Order without the Seller provably giving cause, the Seller reserves the right to proceed according to the following rules:
1. The Order may be cancelled only in writing.
2. The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the Order if the ordered Goods cannot be delivered within the requested delivery time. The Seller is, however, obliged to notify the Buyer of this fact in writing.
3. If the Buyer cancels the Order, the Seller is entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 30% of the agreed purchase price.

A warranty lasting 24 months from the despatch date is provided on all our products. All warranty claims must be submitted in writing. The Seller will notify the Customer within three working days of its opinion on the claim and the time limit for dealing definitively with it. The Customer shall inspect the physical condition of the Goods upon taking receipt thereof. Any defect found to have occurred during shipment must be recorded on the shipment/delivery note and acknowledged by the carrier. Without such acknowledgement by the carrier, no claim can be made for goods damaged during shipment. The Customer must make claims regarding quantities and other apparent defects within seven working days of taking receipt of the Goods. Claims regarding concealed defects must be made as soon as they are discovered and within 24 months of taking receipt of the Goods. In the case of timely and justified claims regarding defects that cannot be rectified, replacement goods will be supplied to the Buyer. In the case of claims regarding defects that can be rectified, the damaged goods will be repaired. The Seller reserves for itself a reasonable length of time to provide replacements. All the products we supply are designed for interior use.

Legal Relations
The Contract shall be governed solely by the laws in force in the territory of the Czech Republic and the jurisdiction of the Czech courts. Laws outside the territory of the Czech Republic may not be applied. By submitting the binding Order, the Buyer agrees to the aforementioned Terms of Business and undertakes to comply fully with them.

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